Yoel Meneses 3D


Product Design & Render




Jennifer Anniston/Brand2ition







Roy Husdell, Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer Anniston wanted to launch her own hair care product line for years, lucky for her she had good friends at Brand2ition which was already a client of Mad. We were perfect for the job!

I was provided rough hand draw images, with that I started modeling away to create many sets of 3D bottle concepts. It took many months of iterations, changes of materials, colors, and renders for Jennifer to pick the final design.

Concept Bottles

First are renders of the initial bottle and packaging ideas. These were experimental just to showcase the flexibility in design and quality of renders we could produce.

Design Variations

I made many bottle concepts. It was a very iterative process with many variations on materials, colors, and finishes. Jennifer Anniston had a specific look she was going for and wanted to focus on simplicity and being natural.

What If It Was Printed

For the next set of images I worked closely with the creative directors and art directors to make beautiful renders for them to use in outstanding ad designs.

Final Renders


I created a mock promo to build excitement for the launch of the product and to give ideas on what the promotional material could look like.